Thursday, July 11, 2002

The MTV age means only flashing graphics will grip viewers in a multimedia universe, right? 60 Minutes founder Don Hewitt in today's Chicago Tribune, on Fox News' flashy new mag:

"The success of `60 Minutes' is four words that every child in the world knows: Tell me a story," says executive producer Don Hewitt. "And that's what we do -- we tell stories." Hewitt says, ironically, what the audience hears is the most important trait in a medium that is visual in nature. "I'm convinced of one thing, and I don't know why every television producer doesn't know this," Hewitt says. "I'm convinced it's your ear more than your eye that keeps you at your television set. It's what you hear more than what you see. I will go into a screening room and I'll see some spectacular pieces of tape and turn to the producers and say, `OK, what's the story, what are you trying to tell me?'"
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