Saturday, July 27, 2002

The halfway point seems as good a time as any to raise the nagging question that hovers over the blogosphere: are blogs a colossal, global, technological waste of time? All those entries from so many ordinary (or worse, not-so-ordinary) people, day after day--people discovering blogs this day of Blogathon might be asking, What's the point?

The giddy promise is the infinite space of the Web -- you can journal till your techno-heart's content and never get to the bottom of the page. But is that the downfall of blogs as well--the quality is trying furiously but futilely to keep pace with the quantity? It's a losing battle. For Blogathon, bloggers enhance their output, and as I noted before, there's some good stuff going on. But as a phenomenon overall blogging may be about just taking up space.

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