Sunday, July 28, 2002

You may have wondered, why do I insist on proper caps, punctuation, and the whole deal? And why have I been writing out URL's completely at the bottom of posts? (OK, you may not have wondered that at all, but I wanted to explain it.)

There's no rule that says that just because it's the Internet, it has to be lower case, poor punctuation and spelling. Part of it is just the journalist and grammar nut in me, part of it is an attempt to bring some more structure to an often unstructured format. As for the URL's, I like to see what I'm linking to before I go there, and the structure of the tree of a URL is often helpful in seeing what kind of site it may be (front page? main sub-page? random article?) When words are simply highlighted throughout a paragraph, you aren't telling the reader where you're going and why. (I've succumbed to that recently today simply because writing out all the links would bog down the blog. [I just wrote "blog down the bog." Must be after midnight.])

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