Saturday, July 27, 2002

I just stepped out into my apartment hallway, where the fire escape door is propped open and allows the sweltering air to enter. And I realized--I haven't been outside the apartment today. I've been in the apartment 18 straight hours. And haven't been outside yet. That will have to change...

More on newspapers on paper in 15 years? Rich Gordon:

There will be a portable news source absolutely; will it be on paper? I think that's hard to answer. Whether electronic devices can take on enough attributes of paper to be a reasonable substitute for paper, if it gets to that point, paper goes away, but so what? It's still a regularly delivered product designed to be read, carried around with you.

Gordon says the NY Times only needs to fear if it is caught off guard by this prospect, and he says it's clear they're readying for it.

I heard Fareed Zakaria, the Newsweek columnist, speak on this subject when he lectured at my college this winter. He said you have to keep in mind the 3 B's: the beach, the bedroom, and the bathroom. That's where people want to read, and so far computers are inferior at facilitating reading in them.

What do you think? New York Times on paper in 15 years?

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