Sunday, July 28, 2002

I think I'm catching my second wind. I don't feel that sleepy and my fingers haven't fallen off yet; they're still tapping away at my laptop as fluidly as they were 10 hours ago.

Back to words and waste, technology and wisdom:
Tech expert David Gelernter on the perils of imagining the Internet will solve school's problems:

The Internet, said President Clinton in February, "could make it possible for every child with access to a computer to stretch a hand across a keyboard to reach every book ever written, every painting ever painted, every symphony ever composed." Pardon me, Mr. President, but this is demented. Most American children don't know what a symphony is. If we suddenly figured out how to teach each child one movement of one symphony, that would be a miracle…It's as if the Administration were announcing that every child must have the fanciest scuba gear on the market - but these kids don't know how to swim, and fitting them out with scuba gear isn't just useless, it's irresponsible; they'll drown.
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