Saturday, July 27, 2002

Let's open the mailbag:

As a blogger for almost a year. I write more for more of personal journaling. Certainly linking to a web is a part of Blogging. It gives your reader a glimpse of who you are. I say your blog is more of a news blog where we can keep up to date on info on what going around in the world around us. But it doesn't really gives an aspect of who YOU are. For me I started blogging out reaction of 9-11 but now I blog because I want to give a unique aspect of who I am as a person. I am a gay asian male and there isn't a lot of us out there. And I have readers that get inspired because they finally found someone that they can relate to. About half of my readership is outside of the United States, so in a sense I am their voice where there is supression of the gay life especially in Asia. That is what blogging is to me.

Chris Chin

I'll respond to this in a second...

My station just started weblogs for some of our photographers. It all started with a sports photographer, who sent in logs while he was on the road during March Madness... and on Tobacco Road, there's plenty to write about. (there'd be more if UNC gets their act together!) Then some of our news photographers wanted in on the act... we just started a few weeks ago... you might drop by... The photogs really like doing it... and I think it gives some good, behind the camera perspective... but I wonder if bloggers would be pissed about a TV station "institutionalizing" blogging...


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