Saturday, July 27, 2002

Trying to coherently summarize how Blogathon so far is like explaining a mob scene. Most of the couple dozen blogs I scanned are indeed being updated every half hour, though a few are slacking and others don't appear to have even started. The range of creative ideas is striking, making for something of an e-renaissance: there are short stories, poems, songs, pictures, and other stabs at profundity, some of which simply defy category or genre. My biggest frustration is that few bloggers introduce themselves, so you can't tell who they are or where they're coming from; you only know they're blogging.

Here's a full list of the highlights:

which include these:

A different book review every 30 minutes

Shoe of the Hour

10 Movies in 24 Hours

24-hour music webcast, no repeats

Biography of a different monk every hour

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