Thursday, July 18, 2002

Link of the Day:

On another of my favorite topics--Why Local TV is the Scourge of the Earth--right up there with my TV news pet peeves of the jack-o-lantern grins of news anchors and insufferable chit-chat about the weather (as though it were as central to human existence as the war on terrorism, and every bit as intricate) is the news' obsession with gas prices, as a 10-cent increase in prices gets portentous investigation. Of course, in 10 or 20 (or 3?) years gas will be 3 bucks a gallon, and no doubt we'll have 24-hour coverage. In the meantime, every cent is analyzed more meticulously than box scores by a baseball nut. For such analysis, then, this site is uniquely suited. And, in today's news, Chicago, at an average of $1.52 for a regular gallon, is more than 10 cents over the national average of $1.40. Full coverage, no doubt, tonight at 11.

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