Monday, October 18, 2004

In honor of the Astros' first playoff series win, from SI last year:

Baseball in Houston is a cup of tea at Starbucks, an order of salmon at The Palm or a car ride through Venice. It has an odd ring to it. Forty-one years after the major leagues came to Houston and pandered to Texans by naming the expansion team after a firearm--the Colt .45s--the fourth-largest city in America is a backwater outpost on the baseball map. ...

The Astros, of course, have been easy to overlook, even when dressed in those famously loud-striped 1980s uniforms inspired by laundry detergent boxes. No city has waited more seasons for its first World Series than Houston. Worse still, the Astros [hadn't] won a playoff series of any kind [until they beat the Braves in the '04 LDS], losing [their first] seven while dropping 22 of 30 postseason games. x

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