Monday, October 18, 2004

GS on cultural engagement ...

Drawing on what I have learned from Steven Garber, I would suggest that the Bible functions in our cultural engagement in at least six ways: by drawing us toward a heart commitment to Jesus, by providing the Big Story that frames our reasoned convictions, by modeling in Jesus and the heroes of the faith what our character might be, by calling together through a shared heart commitment the communities of faith within which our convictions and character are forged, by indicating the transhistorical meta-context that frames all of our particular historical contexts, and by proclaiming the calling to the love of God that anchors all of our particular vocations. x

... and how to get a good education x.

Debbie Blue, in her beautiful book of sermons, Sensual Orthodoxy: "Maybe we're just meeting a figment of our own or some Sunday School teacher's imagination if Jesus doesn't strike us as a little odd."

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