Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Please, please, no Contract With America II !

The latest installment of the Republican Revolution has me shuddering (I'm a conservative liberal), and I'm not alone. 5 people I wouldn't want to be this morning:

ANWAR caribou. Your days are numbered.

Walter Mondale. Tragedy enables him to campaign for the Senate without appearing ambitious or getting exhausted by a full-time campaign. But he dusts off his dreams just in time to have them shattered again.

Political pundits. Fail to see Democratic wave cresting in '98, blind to Republican one in '02. If your bosses had any credibility, you'd be out of a job.

Richard Gephardt. Could your party, and your leadership of it, be any more incoherent and pathetic?

Al Gore. Big Republican sweep figures to rile up the dormant Democrat, zapping the possibility that he'll yield to a more capable and visionary opponent to the Bush regime in '04.

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