Friday, November 22, 2002

Love the mitten state: Says a friend on a group e-mail list, responding to the assertion that Michigan governor and Canada native Jennifer Granholm had the "sense" to move from her homeland:

Yeah. Real common sense, moving from the land of friendliness, free health care (Frith, how I long for it!) and sexy women who swear a lot, to a frigid, gas-smelling outpost of a war-hungry union. The only cultural advantage Michigan offers over Canada is Motown Records, and that stopped being an advantage about the time Boyz II Men released "Motownphilly." Ick. (Actually, I dearly love this state. It's a sort of geographical discount store, offering the best of many climes: in West Michigan in the summer you can pretend you're in Dutch California, then drive down to Detroit and pretend you're in Pittsburgh; head to the UP and pretend you're Ernest Hemingway ...) Says another friend: Michigan isn't so bad. Compared to Ohio, it's Canada.

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