Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Faith&Culture: Today's NY Times ridicules Alabama evangelicals for putting up a fascimile of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse as a monument, and rightly so. But listen to yet another example an East Coast media elite reporter regarding a Southern fundamentalist as, well, a lower species (people talk of media bias, but it's cultural bias more than anything): "Evangelical Christians still set the agenda here. This is the state, after all, where high school science books have stickers on them saying evolution is just a theory." For the record, while small-"E" evolution--the biological change of species over time--is a fact, as Christian scientists will attest, big-"E" Evolution as the authoritative explanation of how life began is most dubious (though I like this version I saw on a cartoon once: "And God said, 'Let there be evolution.'")

Then the Times redeems itself with this fascinating example of Christians working for social justice in fuel economy standards (noting small-minded pietists and their holy huffing that fuel economy isn't in the Bible). The slogan is almost a satire of the sentimental wristband craze of a few years ago that evoked pious contemplation but didn't have the social bite of this campaign: "What Would Jesus Drive?"

(It's like an answer to my cry for social justice as a form of end-times living, and it's music to my ears.)

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