Wednesday, February 18, 2004

John Kerry's sudden emergence after the Iowa caucus shows how screwy the media's momentum game is, but I hope it will be just as screwy after John Edwards' strong second place showing yesterday in Wisconsin.

After voting for Nader in 2000, I feel obliged to be more pragmatic this time around to prevent Bush's re-election. But after yesterday I'm tempted to vote my heart and go with John Edwards in the Illinois primary (which will come after Super Tuesday, likely taking any real pressure off my conscience). He's the most positive, energetic, authentic candidate in either party, and more importantly, he has done better among independents than Kerry has. The only disadvantage he has in comparison with Kerry is the "gravitas" factor. The visual of Kerry towering over Bush on the debate stage is better than the visual of Edwards' boyishness next to a sitting president (well, I guess he'd be standing). Still, this election could be won in two states: Tennessee and Florida, and if Edwards can convince people he has a better chance than Kerry in those states, he deserves the nomination.

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