Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Sammy Sosa and I will both be out of action the next week or so: I'm heading out for a week of vacation and won't post again until the 23rd. If you're looking for something to read: Malcolm Gladwell's essay "The Social Life Of Paper" will change the way you think about technology and progress. Here's the Skeptical Inquirer on Bigfoot and the myth that we only use 10 percent of our brains. I pondered weblogs and the future of words in a 24-hour marathon, or blogathon, last summer. You can catch up on my B&C blog archive, and there's all kinds of thought-provoking stuff in this and other back issues of B&C. If you're still looking for something to read, try

You can also preview a revamped version of my Chicago page.

I will have a B&C blog posted at on schedule the next two Mondays.

More to come on the 23rd. Until then I'm going to try to shut down my brain.

Here again is my latest B&C stuff:

Why there will be sidewalks in heaven, featured at
See also my book on heaven, in progress

Blog: the rising prison population, plus the limits of knowledge.

My B&C blog archive

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