Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Randomly interesting items found while scrounging the archives of the Washington Post:

-The FBI is enlisting teenage girls to tutor them on how to sound like, well, teenage girls while trying to trap sexual predators in Internet chat rooms.

-Coach not playing your kid enough? Sue him. Where would this country be without lawyers.

-The Chicago owners of a double-A baseball team in Montogomery, Alabama announced the team's name would be Biscuits. But Southerners can smell Northerners trying to sound Southern a mile away.

-What to do with the Houston Astrodome? The city has a surfeit of massive entertainment and convention edifices. But to some it's a source of civic pride for a city starved for historical identity.

-Speaking of historic preservation, one such cause in Boston doesn't have to do with the Revolutionary War. It's a trailer park that was threatened by a car dealer.

-If you build it...they'll just stare at it. Researchers in upstate New York studied how animals responded to highway underpasses, to see if building more would reduce roadkill. Most of the animals looked in and then walked away. A few humans used them, though.

-Whatever happened to Wes Boyd, the creator of the flying toaster screensaver? He's now a progressive political activist, founder of the petition site and featured speaker at a progressives convention last week.

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