Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Follow-up to my earlier posting on baseball attendance, from's daily newsletter:

Baseball's declining crowds are hardly a secret. Attendance is down 3.2 percent from this time last season -- and that was down 6 percent from 2001.
But some places have it worse than others. Milwaukee, for instance. Only two
seasons after Miller Park opened, crowds are averaging 17,300 -- some 4,400
less than last season. At the same time, the season-ticket base has dropped
below 8,000 full-season packages, a level not seen since the mid-'90s at old
County Stadium. It's so bad that team officials are thinking about shutting
down the upper deck. "Yes, we're looking at it," Richard Cox, the Brewers'
vice president of stadium operations, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
"But there are lots of implications. We are reviewing our options and we'll
explain them to our staff." The action would mean moving about 400
season-ticket holders from the upper deck to lower sections. Tom Olson, who
heads Sportservice, the Brewers' concessionaire, is all for it. "I say let's
concentrate on where the people are," said Olson. "If there are a few
hundred people up there, let them move down." No word if this affects Bernie

Also, I'm a sucker for random baseball stats, like this one from the SI newsletter: The Texas Rangers swept the Yankees at Yankee Stadium last month for the first time in their 43-year history.

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