Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Yup, I'm going blog. I've long dreaded doing this, dreaded joining the ranks, as I saw it, of the get-a-lifers who paste the most minute details and random emotions to the Web, wasting screen and storage space. ("Fed the dog at 8 this morning," "I'm in a really pissy mood. The end.") I also hate links without context or analysis, which blogs are full of. But regularly reorganizing and FTP-ing gets time-consuming and I can only do it at home, after a long day of looking at a computer screen at work. This way I can add something in a rare idle moment at work, or just after I get off the subway while it's still fresh on my mind. I'll try to make it worth reading and the links worth clicking, and not just to a niche audience, as with many blogs. I'll shoot for substance and analysis, of which there's way too little on the Web. We'll see how it goes. E-mail me and keep an occasional eye on

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