Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Numbers I meant to post as Numbers-of-the-Day:

Percent of the nearly $500 million in retail computer sales in May 2003 that was spent on laptops, the first time laptops overtook desktop in sales, according to the market research firm The NPD Group. AP

permanent U.S. military bases in 130 countries, staffed by 253,000 soldiers and civilians. LA Times (2003)

percent of all toys in America that were made in China in 2003. NY Times

percent of Broadway audiences in 2002-03 schedule who were white, an increase for the fourth straight year. NY Times

7.9 billion
dollars allotted to states in 2003 from the tobacco ind settlement, half of which is being used to fill gaps in their budgets other than health care and anti-smoking campaigns, as intended. Wall Street Journal

26.7 million
women age 15-44 who have never given birth, a 10 percent increase since 1990. AP

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