Thursday, November 18, 2004

The post to end all posts
Here lie links I don't want to lose but don't want to clog my bookmarks folder, either. They go to show that for all the compulsive instaneity of blogs, sometimes the most worthwhile links are to longer and older pieces of writing.

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2Blowhards on bestseller lists, Mozart's economics, and Frank Lloyd Wright

Alfred Bierstadt paintings

Archaelogy interview with Robin Lane Fox, classics scholar and advisor to the film Alexander.

Atlantic Monthly on truth and articulation, the computer delusion, Annie Dillard on appalling fecundity, the Market as God, the moral state of marriage, the state of America in 1987, Guglielmo Ferrero in 1913 on the riddle of America, and David Brooks on democratic elitism

• The Australian on Shakespeare

Banner of Truth archive; pedestrian lives and glorious destiny

• The BBC on a ride in the clouds of Eritrea

Beliefnet on Science and Religion: The New Convergence; Gregg Easterbrook on secular humanism; Alan Wolfe on Rick Santorum.

Blogistan Theology blog

Books&Culture: C. Stephen Evans on Kierkegaard, jottings on back of movie poster

Book Magazine on the lives of fiction writers

Boston Globe on the no-kids movement

Brain, Child on what motherhood does to you

Brad DeLong review of Guns, Germs and Steel

Brookings Review on Russia's geography and economics and trends in math review of Nickel and Dimed

Butterflies&Wheels on postmodernism and truth

ByFaithOnline Paul in Athens; Do Not Be Conformed

California State's Michael Foucault pages

Calhoun Community College on Southern Literature and Culture

Calvin College exhibit: Religious Observation within American Protestant Homes; Lewis Smedes obit and links

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship on justice in worship and Neal Plantinga on Isaiah 60

Calvin Theological Journal: John Bolt on common grace and civic good

CBS News on online searches for classmates

Center of Theological Inquiry on Einstein and God (more here and here); Stanley Hauerwas on Bonhoeffer; Moltmann on Western values; N.T. Wright on Paul and Caesar

Chicago Reader's Straight Dope column on butlers in whodunits, deja vu, the hiccups, the right to bear arms
and more

Chicago Tribune on Dave Eggers, Julia Keller's Pulitzer

Chimes on Grand Rapids sports

Christian History on the Reformation and the sola scriptura principle, Calvin and missions

Christianism bibliography; NT history

Christianity Today on the definition of an evangelical, tradition vs Scripture, why not to imitate Christ, Robert Bellah and the sociology of religion, why God loves baseball, Philip Yancey on the need for gracious evangelicalism and holy sex

Christian Science Monitor on how a bullet started a friendship in South Africa

Christian Thinktank on the soul; women in Paul's epistles

Chronicle of Higher Education on the economics of government help for the poor, the study of emotions, Shakespeare and pop culture, Is grad school a cult?

Comment on the next neo-Calvinism; our civic ties; CCO Jubilee on Kupyer

C.S. Lewis links index and book synopses; quotes from The Weight of Glory. More apologetics links

Dead Poets Society script

Debra Rienstra's Great With Child reviews

Democracy in America text

Detroit News on malls and 'lifestyle centers', Billy Sunday, more Detroit history

DoHistory's Martha Ballard's diary

• The Economist on the homosexuality in the 19th century (more), review of The Earth: An Intimate History
on eBay

Elliott Bay Booknotes on books on deserts, on indep bookstores (more) on athletes and video games on bird strikes and migration patterns

First Things on the history of moral philosophy, Jane Austen and theology

Flak on sports franchises and economic development

Forbes on neuroscience and marketing on evangelism and Calvinism

Gadfly on a day in the life of a Parisian cafe

Geoff Nunberg's timeline of the history of information

G.K. Chesterton quotes

Good Will Hunting script draft

Globalization bibliography on the uses of GMT

• The Guardian Beethoven's lover, Google tricks, on Chekhov, reviews of Space Between Our Ears, Our Shadowed Present, Living With a Writer, Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life, Myths We Live By, Unbearable Lightness of Being

Haddon Robinson sermons

Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's New Suit (1837) on a Calvinist Christmas

HUD on West Michigan regional activity

Hudson Review on Ovid

Human Nature Review on evolutionary psychology

Isaiah Berlin's Two Concepts of Liberty

James Lileks on political lumping and a day in his life

John Ellis blog

James Wood on John Updike, on beauty, on J.M. Coetzee

Jonathan Harwell links

Kalamazoo's historic buildings

Lawrence Crowl on the naming of the months (more here, here, here, here, here, and here) on the history of Canada

Linguistix on the relationship between knowledge and understanding

• The London Review of Books on Pattern Recognition, conjoined twins, the history of touch and power, the politics of sin in American history, Left Behind, and Terry Eagleton on The Representation of Reality in Western Literature

Mad About You finale script

Martin Marty on Christianity and Literature and Irony and Religion's neat new Net stuff

Matrix review essays here, here and here

Melbourne Age on sex in the suburbs

Michigan History back issues

Monty Python scripts

NPR's Fresh Air interviews with Simpsons writers and actors

• The New Criterion on Hugh Kenner (more) and the role of the critic

• The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (contents)

• The New Republic: Richard Posner on Sherlock Holmes

New York magazine Michael Wolff archive; David Denby on Wag the Dog

New York Observer Jason Gay archive

New York Review of Books on gays and genes, Mark Twain, history of masturbation, review of Nature via Nurture

New York Times on its font change; series: six months in the life of a NYC classroom; how non-profits are benefiting from post-bust dot-com real estate vacancies; air passengers carrying on meals; strangers carpooling; cellphone towers in church steeples; writing students expecting hollywood offers; anniversary of NASDAQ peak; faith vs. reason; virtual museums; more on museums; the metaphors of football; A.O. Scott on the history of sex research; Peter Steinfels on Walter Rauschenbusch and the social gospel; review of Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps; review of James Wood's Book Against God

New Yorker on traffic; the history of childhood; Tocqueville (more); Stanley and Livingstone; James Wood on God's Secretaries; scandals at the NY Times and CBS News (more); Roger Angell on the Red Sox' championship; Richard Wilbur's poetry; writer's block; Desperate Housewives; Nicholas Lemann on hatred of the media

Nietzsche's second "Untimely Meditation," review

Ohio U on agenda-setting and the media

Oregon State's Daniel Taylor on Roman coins

Oxford American back issues link

Philosophy Now on Charlie Brown as an existentialist

Plus on why cars in the next lane go faster

Policy Review author index; Martha Nussbaum and the cosmopolitan illusion; Mark Bowden on the transcontinental railroad; review of Elizabeth Cohen's A Consumer's Republic

Poynter Institute on the New York Times Book Review

Positionem on the Pruitt-Igoe projects

Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation link

Public Culture articles

Raleigh News-Observer: Yanet Shimron on Stanley Hauerwas

Reason on All Culture, All the Time

Rebecca Mead on Sophie's World

Read recently by Fernando GouvĂȘa

Reformed Reading List by R. Scott Clark / more

Religious Thought in the West bibliography

Richard Rorty on fascism in postmodernism

Robert Putnam on the Strange Disappearance of Civic America

Salon: Anne Lamott archive; Confessions of a semi-successful author

San Diego Union-Tribune on Detroit's Comerica Park

San Jose State on Inductive vs Deductive reasoning

Scientific American on The Brain in Love

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: blog

Seattle Times: Life today would seem a fantasy in 1900

Slate on secular life ceremonies; media bias; review of A&E's 'Airline'; voice-over voices on The Simpsons as social satire

Smithsonian on Rockwell Kent; the history of American transportation

Sports Illustrated Steve Rushin archive/Cheatin' Hearts; sports smells; World Series archive

Sports Night scripts

Stanley Fish on academic administration

Sydney Morning Herald on personal ads review of Paul Tournier's Meaning of Persons

San Francisco Chronicle on older bachelors

This American Life Shoulda Been Dead on the nature of journalism/more

Tom Wolfe's Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died

Touchstone: Alan Jacobs on the Apocalypse

UR Chicago on keeping the faith

USA Today on the 10 hardest things to do in sports, minorities becoming majority in more U.S. areas

• U of Virginia on The Puritan Tradition and American Memory

Virginia Postrel on Dallas megachurches and other D Mag Spaces columns; consumption patterns in an experience economy

The Washington Post on the burst of the baby boomer bubble; profile of Lloyd Nance, USDA grader; abuse of indigenous Saskatchewanians; a football team as the soul of a Montana town/review of The Meaning of Sports; More being treated for depression; ad placement in video games; Paul Theroux on The Writing Life; profile of John Updike; Jay Rosen on What Liberal Media?; newsless networks; the Google-ization of the world; ping-pong; Annapolis politics; Michael Kinsley on the future of capitalism

Washington University course on Information Research Strategies in History

WBUR's The Connection on Marshall McLuhan

The Week on how Google and eBay conquered the world

Washington Monthly on courtship

Wired News on the sorry state of e-books; blogging Alzheimers patients

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