Monday, June 28, 2004

I like to hang on to links to New Yorker movie reviews, because the observations tend to be apt and insightful whether or not I'm interested in the movie. So here's Anthony Lane on The Ladykillers, Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow, and here's David Denby on Troy, Saved! and Farenheit 911. Here's the AFI's Top 100 movie songs. Other New Yorker links: stunt doubles, blogger agents, Google-bombing, Barack Obama, Paul Goldberger on the WW2 memorial, the squid hunter, food allergies, and the economics of punctuality.

And some more stray links: The NYT on fashion in Chicago, the proliferation of touch screens and the short life span of gadgets. Here's the Melbourne Age on small technology, the Wash.Post on the economic imperative of spending,
and the SF Chron on bringing bullet trains to the West Coast.

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