Monday, June 21, 2004

Det. News

Congrats to the champs! I was just getting addicted to my driveway hoop in Michigan the last time a scrappy bunch of Pistons defeated a showy ensemble of Lakers for the NBA championship. Here's Mitch Albom and Drew Sharp on the title that took even Hockeytown by surprise. Pity that all ESPN could talk about since the confetti flew last week has been which Lakers are going where in the wake of their collapse. This after mobbing the bandwagon and prounouncing how great it was that a team-oriented group of unknowns trounced the selfish stars and what a reminder it was that basketball is a team game and we shouldn't swoon over stars. Now about those stars... Meanwhile, my dad and I continue to await a Super Bowl victory for the Lions. As the Free Press wrote last week, it's been a while.

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