Saturday, December 07, 2002

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Roone Arledge, television pioneer. Obits:

If you read only one thing about Arledge--heck, if you read only one thing about the history of television in the 20th Century--let it be Steve Rushin's Sports Illustrated essay for his "1954-1994: How We Got Here." It appears in The Best American Sports Writing 1995.

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-Lucid sports columnist Christine Brennan inadvertently started the Augusta brouhaha with a column last spring that prompted Martha Burk to write Hootie Johnson a letter. In the meantime, Brennan's been hearing a lot about how Burk is barking up the wrong tree, that the cause of getting (mostly) rich white women into an elite club of (mostly) rich white men isn't most people's idea of social justice--that feminists, in other words, have bigger fish to fry.

I called Burk on Wednesday to ask her about this. In the past few weeks, she told me, she has appeared at a news conference regarding United Nations family-planning funds, moderated a panel on the economic conditions of working women in America, spoken at a news conference on the international women's rights treaty and written a column on how the bankruptcy bill affects women. It turns out she writes a monthly syndicated column that appears in small newspapers around the country, and, to date, she said she has not written one word about Augusta. The only reason she has so much to say about Augusta is because reporters and commentators call by the dozens and ask her for her opinion. Then some of them complain that she's spending too much time talking about the issue. Fascinating, isn't it?

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