Saturday, December 07, 2002

Strom Thurmond turned 100 this week (read or listen). This summer, Maxim magazine ran Nine Things Strom Thurmond Is Older Than (what's funny is, it's Maxim, but I heard it on NPR):

1. AM/FM radio
2. Human flight
3. The Panama Canal
4. Wristwatches
5. Tea bags
6. Ice cream cones
7. The World Series
8. The states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii
9. Dick Clark

Incidentally, this is the latest example of why Trent Lott isn't fit to be county drain commissioner, much less Senate Majority Leader.

Speaking Thursday at a 100th birthday party and retirement celebration for Sen. Thurmond (R-S.C.) in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Lott said, "I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either." Thurmond ... was the presidential nominee of the breakaway Dixiecrat Party in 1948. ... He declared during his campaign against Democrat Harry S. Truman, who supported civil rights legislation, and Republican Thomas Dewey: "All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches."

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