Friday, October 25, 2002

Number of the Day: 5.4 trillion
Odds, to one, of winning Britain's Lotto lottery twice. Electrician Mike McDermott did by playing the same five numbers and bonus ball, within a span of four months, "earning" him nearly half a million American dollars' worth of earnings (£121,157, then £194,501). Odds of winning once are 2,330,636 to one, according to London's Daily Telegraph
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Quote of the Day:
"The contemplative life is often miserable. You should do more, think less and not watch yourself living."
Nicholas-Sebastien Chamfort
I disagree, but point taken--I spend too much time philosophizing from the comfort of my apartment, perched high above downtown Chicago's liveliest bar district. Then again, where's the wisdom in aimless living?
(both items seen at G&M's S.S.)

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