Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm technically off the Tribune's payroll, so I get to write for two papers at once as long as they don't compete in the Chicago market.

Chicago Tribune: Internet column on The Memory Hole and The Smoking Gun.,0,4719686.story

Detroit Free Press: Op-ed on Bush's narrow (absent?) postwar vision for Iraq

Much was trimmed, as you can see, including this paragraph:

Now we're backing down from a promise Bush made to the visiting Karzai last month to chip in $80 million for a transcontinental highway, the possible new backbone of a revived Afghanistan economy. Instead, the Office of Management and Budget suggests taking $20 million slated for Afghan village development and women's centers and spending it on the road. "In the singular logic of OMB chief Mitch Daniels," The New Republic wrote, "in order to reconstruct Afghanistan the U.S. government would have to cut funding for the reconstruction of Afghanistan."

Here's that TNR piece.

Previous Freep op-ed

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