Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Thought of the Day: Da Thing about Da Bears
When I came to Chicago I wasn't sure how much to wear my new hat of Chicagoan and how much to retain the Michiganian in me. But when it comes to pro football, the case is clear--the Bears are my new team. I watched the Lions week after week over the last several years--watched the immerse themselves in steadfast mediocrity, and now, for a season and two games, wallow in the dark confines of last place. The Lions used to find maddening, amazing ways to lose--now they've given up the ruse and just lose normally. The Bears, on the other hand, are the ideal team for a fan to embrace--not definitively good, by any means, but enticingly lucky and consistently entertaining. Where the Lions used to create opportunities to lose, the Bears artfully, luckily develop ways to win football games--last-minute interceptions, overtime stunts, and last week, an opponents' missed field goal. The Bears may not be all that good anytime soon; they'll probably lose badly in the playoffs like last year, but it will be hard to keep from watching until they do.
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