Thursday, September 05, 2002

Sporadic postings, if any, as I feverishly finish a few stories and wrap up my Tribune internship tomorrow. I hope to be back on a blogging schedule next week. Topics to come--traffic jams, God's will, national parks, suicide rates, "right wing envy," and maybe something on Sept.11, although we may have reached saturation point on that already. Plus Notebook Reader, Etymology Today, and the other standard features from this randomly curious log.

In the meantime, enjoy a little look back on the summer: from the Tribune: Minority Report, Blogathon, Thera Date, Elvis, Web diversions, Polling problems, and more.

From this blog: Will R, Nigerian e-mail hoax, Washington Post on the Info Glut, Nathan V.K, personal media and public responsibility, and follow the strands of my regular features: Places&Culture, Sports&Culture, Media&Culture, Money&Culture, History&Today, Link and Number of the Day, and Architecture Watch.

And there's always my link page.

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