Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Daley blasts Trib: Boy, who do you root for in this one--a consistently arrogant city government or the overbearing Tribune Co.? What a clash of disagreeable titans. The city is blocking the Trib's longed-for expansion of Wrigley Field, seemingly for stubborn, nose-thumbing reasons--Daley wants to slap back at the other major power in town. It's your job to criticize me; it's your job to bring negative news, not good news ... You want people to fight with each other, you want to bring out the worst of society. Hizzoner sure picks his spots--he unburdened himself of this rant "at a news conference unveiling a program for at-risk youth."

How'd we get here? Says the smirking Sun-Times:
A vindictive mayor grappling with a budget crunch on the eve of re-election. A corporate "culture of arrogance." An astounding string of public relations blunders by a company that's supposed to be in the communications business.

But, the S-T says, it's not all a battle of pride: Throughout the weekend, sports talk shows were filled with speculation that Mayor Daley had finally gotten even with the Chicago Tribune for the newspaper's crusade against the renovation of Soldier Field. But that explanation--as plausible as it seems for a mayor who loves to get even--conveniently ignores the fact that Daley has a history of siding with local residents on development issues.

Ah, politics in Chicago. A sport only die-hard fans can bear to watch.

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