Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Yorker coverRecent New Yorker cartoons:

Terrorist to terrorist on on laptop:
"I just think it undermines our organization's fiery rhetoric when you close your Internet postings with a smiley face." (10/16/06)

Wife to husband:
"I wish you'd open up to me--I need some ammunition." (11/27/06)

Therapist to patient, gesturing to woman with laptop:
"That's Eleanor. She's a fact-checker." (12/18/06)

Santa to cab driver:
"I'm going to have to make multiple stops." (12/25/06)

Sign behind author at book table:
"Author will text you, 1-3 p.m." (12/25/06)

Vultures eyeing dying desert wanderer:
"Oh, love handles! We haven't had those in a while." (12/25/06)

Patient paging nurse:
"Come quickly--I think I had an out-of-pocket experience." (12/25/06)

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