Friday, September 22, 2006

Recent New Yorker cartoons:

Bumper sticker on minivan:
"Proud Parents of Underachievers" (9/4/06)

Rabbit to man, both being chased by a wild animal:
"What about your precious opposable thumbs now?" (9/4/06)

Man in lawn chair to hit-man holding weed-whacker:
"The weeds -- I want 'em whacked." (9/4/06)

Animals leaving ark, about solitary animal in foreground:
"Poor thing. The first night out, her husband fell overboard" (9/4/06)

Dog to another dog:
"He rubbed your belly and if felt good -- that doesn't make you gay." (9/4/06)

Waiter to dinner party:
"Would you like a professional critique of your orders?" (9/11/06)

Child to playmate in sandbox:
"By the time I develop a true understanding of sand, I'll probably be forced into some sort of organized sports." (9/11/06)

Customer to waiter:
"Which entree raises the fewest ethical issues?" (9/18/06)

Elephant reclining on couch, to therapist:
"I'm right there in the room, and no one even acknowledges me." (9/18/06)

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