Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My stance? Pro-brain

Moping this morning over the millimeter-margin defeat of former Paul Henry aide Chris Meyer (whom many describe as Henry-esque) in his state legislature primary, I'm newly distraught at the misuse of power by the local Right to Life, which cynically shafted Chris for being insufficiently extreme in his pro-life stance, presumably costing him the election (see "Pro-life endorsement inequity" 7/31 here), and by the lemming-like voters here in West Michigan who do whatever RTL says.

(A friend of mine noted that the first bullet item on a campaign pamphlet for a local drain commissioner candidate said that he was pro-life. It's important to have a pro-life drain commissioner!) (More here)

I'm reminded of a line Adlai Stevenson supposedly said during one of his campaigns in the 50s, when a supporter told him, "Mr. Stevenson, you have the support of every thinking American."

"That will not do," Stevenson said. "I need a majority."

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