Friday, August 11, 2006

Creativity Within A Rut

Studio 60

We NetFlixed the pilot of Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip, which premieres on NBC in September. Like anything written by Aaron Sorkin, it's superb--smart, snappy, substantive. It lacks the charm and dignity of West Wing, but sizzles with the same wit of Sports Night, in more or less the same setting. Which leads me to ask: can't a guy as bright as Sorkin write about anything else? In the last 10 years he's worked on a movie and show that go behind the scenes at the White House (American President and West Wing) and 2 shows that go behind the scenes of TV shows (Sports Night and Studio 60). Is that all there is to write about? Goodness knows we don't need a bazillionth hospital drama, but imagine what this guy could do with life in an airport, a home, a church, a foreign country--heck, even an insurance company. But we can only guess that Sorkin is dreaming up a future project with more White House and more TV -- let me guess, the life and times of a White House correspondent?

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bethany said...

I'm SO EXCITED about Studio 60. As far as I'm concerned, Sports Night was too brief anyway.