Saturday, March 18, 2006

Recent New Yorker Cartoons

Insurance salesman on phone:
"Act of God? Not a problem--we can sue God." (3/13/06)

Robber, pointing gun, to bank teller:
"Throw in one of those brochures about refinancing my home." (3/6/06)

Guru, in lotus position, to sojourner:
"I keep the good truth in the back." (1/23/06)

Woman to woman in coffee shop:
"Sometimes I wonder if it would've been better having one big marriage instead of a lot of little ones."

Noah to companion on ark:
"When the waters subside, the problem's going to be mold." (11/7/05)

Shrink to king:
"To be fair, I think you should be very clear about the ground rules with your next jester." (9/12/05)

Woman to man:
"I think we should stop fooling ourselves and begin fooling other people." (9/12/05)

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