Monday, January 02, 2006

New Yorker coverRecent New Yorker cartoons:

Woman to cat clawing furniture:
"You were a stray before and you can be a stray again." (12/12/05)

Sign held by prostitute on corner:
"Bad Credit O.K." (12/12/05)

Shrink to king reclining on couch:
"Must 'More dungeons' always be the answer?" (12/12/05)

Mouse at desk in office cubicle to other mouse:
"Finally, the cat's away, and I get stuck with the Davidson account." (11/21/05)

Boss to meeting in boardroom:
"It's time to call in other people who don't know more but are just different." (11/21/05)

Man to woman leaving with suitcase:
"You had me at goodbye." (10/31/05)

Woman at restaurant, with man at table in background:
"AT&T sent this drink over in the hope that you'll consider switching your long-distance provider." (10/31/05)

Women staring at picture in art gallery:
"How do you know when you're done appreciating?" (10/31/05)

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