Monday, May 24, 2004

I've finally found a use for spam: the pseudonyms of senders make great names for characters should I ever sit down and write a novel. (If any of these senders was you, shame on you for spamming me!):

Weldon Scott, June Terrell, Alonzo Arroyo, Lenard Lam, Roxana Joel, Marlon Garrett, Lillie Coates, Daphne Dickens, Colin Conklin, Traci Wells, Chris Ali, Isaac Martin, Taylor Houser, Christoper Marquez, Alfred Mcdonald, Claudio Romo, Kendra Rosen, Meredith Dillard, Cleo Whitten, Johnie Hannah, Emerson Elmore, Janelle Stovall, Tamala Teeter, Eduardo Williamson, Angelica Overton, Reginald Cardenas, Ivan Sewell, Patricia Gallagher, Hattie Holder, Gale Logan, Buford Gilmore, Noe Sterner, Heather Howell, Kirsten Winn, Logan Worley

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