Saturday, October 04, 2003

Three followups to my postings on contemplation:

- "Art begins where thinking ends." Alfred Stieglitz, 1910

- I reminded myself, in light of the baseball posting below, that you can't spell "analysis" without "anal."

- And this e-mail forward I got this week:

A philosophy student died, went to heaven, and found himself before St. Peter. "What was it you did on earth?" "I studied philosophy," replied the student. "Well done. Expound, then, a point of philosophy that will demonstrate truth." Thus confronted with the request, the student felt his mind go blank. For an agitated moment or two, he could find no point he could make. And then he cried out, "At the moment, I can think of nothing adequate, but I tell you what: If you expound a point, I will show you how to refute it...."

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