Friday, September 26, 2003

Today is my 24th birthday. I usually seize on such milestones to zoom out and reflect on life (as I did last year), and this seems especially appropriate at 24. I don't know why, but 24 seems like the age where you're supposed to think you have life figured out. In your teens you're clueless; 20-23, you're occupied by college and first-job worries. But 24, you're supposed to be going somewhere. I reflected earlier on my confusion about where I've been this past year (though I do feel contentment with life, which is more important than confidence). But today, in just about the best way to spend a birthday, I attended a series of seminars by the truly wise Eugene Peterson, with my report coming Monday at That piece will be the best way to sum up my thoughts on a day like this.

The second-best birthday present, meanwhile, are Cubs tickets on the last day of the season with everything on the line. My wife and parents and I will be at Wrigley on Sunday to see the Cubs make history.

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