Tuesday, August 05, 2003

My latest B&C blog:
July news in review: a look back at the month that brought us a lemonade stand scandal, insults in the chambers of Congress, a pardon from Holiday Inn, a mysterious squid in Chile, a celebration of the feats of Lance Armstrong and the life of Bob Hope, and more.

Plus, part two of my interview with Art Garfunkel:


My B&C blog archive

• New at my home page, NBierma.com, an essay collection on the topic of belief. I entitled it Sure of What We Hope For. I've found myself writing a lot lately about belief, doubt, atheism, and the like. I decided to organize it into this little collection. Almost all of the essays are too long, and the capstone piece, on certainty, is still in progress, but if you're curious take a look and tell me what you think. (In the closing entry I mention Sex and the City and the Chicago Cubs in the same piece--that has to be worth a click!)


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