Monday, May 19, 2003

Although this article in yesterday's Tribune is a little too predictable, not to mention obsessive about the recent teen hazing video, I like how it spins the usual media assumption that poverty creates savages and wealth brings happiness:

Everyone knows poverty puts teenagers at risk for a host of problems. But after a flurry of violence and vandalism has roiled some of the most affluent towns in Illinois, parents are wondering if wealth is its own risk factor. As committees gather to complete plans for the traditional rites of prom and graduation, the feeling of nervousness in Chicago's more moneyed communities is palpable....

Recklessness has always been intertwined with adolescence, regardless of family income. But many mental health experts believe that, for history's most indulged generation, something has changed. Whether it's stress once reserved for chief executive officers, a sense of entitlement, a relentless barrage of media or too much time alone, many kids have simply lost their way, said Dr. Louis Kraus, chief of adolescent psychiatry at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center.,1,692055.story

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