Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Proud to be a Grand Rapidian: This report of hoop doings in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan made the Sports Illustrated daily e-mail newsletter last month:

Let's see. Jock, check. Uniform, check. Shoes, check. Stash ... hey! A
Michigan high school basketball player who dropped a small bag containing
marijuana on the gym floor during a tournament game has been expelled from
school. Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids took the action Monday
after the student, an unidentified senior, admitted it was his marijuana
that turned up during Friday's Class A district boys championship game
between Ottawa Hills and Northview High, said Sue Krieger, a school district
spokeswoman. The marijuana was discovered after a first-quarter scuffle for
the ball. A photographer with The Grand Rapids Press alerted a referee to
what he thought was litter on the court. When it was found to a bag of
marijuana, police were called. District officials said they don't know why
the student had the marijuana, how it ended up under Northview's basket or
where the player was carrying it, since the uniforms have no pockets. The
incident marred a remarkable finish for Ottawa Hills, which recovered from a
0-6 start to advance to the championship game before its title dreams went
up smoke. Northview won 55-53.

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