Saturday, March 08, 2003

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Dogs are in four percent more of American homes than cats, Americans spent $38 billion on the lottery in 2001, and indispensable public discourse about our country in the U.S. Census’ statistics summary, reported on in the Associated Press.

Catching up with the 20th Century in time for the 21st, Wheaton College finally lifts its Puritanical ban on dancing and partially lifts its ban on drinking. Then again, most American colleges could use a ban on drinking.

The cast of Les Miz prepares to close the Broadway production, from the NY Times.

It was just like the Battle of Chancellorsville, only this one was in Central Park and Al Roker was doing the weather. A first-person account of a Civil War recreation that served as a promo for "Gods and Generals," in the NY Times.

Women making inroads as doormen…er, doorpeople, from the Times.

Tchaikovsky's piano has seen its better days, but it’s still a highlight of the composer’s birthplace museum, says the Times.

How military reservists deal with home financing issues, from the Times

What does “organic” even mean anymore? A new food law only muddies the waters, says the SF Chronicle.

Mexican monarchs have recovered from a record die-off, says the Times.

Reality TV is hard on Hollywood writers, from the Times.

Celebrities are popularizing an unlikely fashion trend--religious T-shirts, apparently worn, at least in some cases, satirically. From

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