Monday, April 15, 2002

Missed, I think, in the ongoing debate about the journalistic importance of weblogs like this one is the simple fact that while much ado is made of the blogs' growing audience, blogs still function by linking to established journalism sites like the NY Times. Paradoxically, if blogs have no established sources to link to, they can't succeed in their supposed movement to supplant established sources.

Case in point: I'm linking to the Wash. Post for an article on this...

Our national pastime: railing against nefarious corporate owners ruining baseball. Which isn't far off when you consider the Chicago Tribune's stiff-arming of the Wrigleyville rooftop fans. Michael Miner writes that the Trib has a point in cracking down on the fans,

"... a point that might have led them to a larger point: to spite a handful of freeloaders who weren't actually costing the Cubs a penny by looking in, the Tribune Company had blighted the exquisite view that the 30,000 ticket holders in paid seats have always enjoyed when they look out."

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